The Nursery

Craigton Lodge Nursery School is incorporated in two large buildings. The modern building was purpose built with the guidance of the Social Services and Environmental Health Department. It is warm and bright with plenty of space for physical play, creative activities and quiet times. This building is used by the older nursery children and is known as Craigton Lodge Nursery School.

The other building was formerly the original Culter School and had until recently been used as a dwelling house. This building has since been adapted to comply with the council’s regulations and has reverted to its former use as a place for children to learn and develop. The addition of this spacious building, with its high ceilings, has greatly increased the play areas for each age group. This building caters for children up to the age of three years old and is known as Craigton Lodge Nursery School House.

Both buildings are fully checked by Grampian Fire Department and have been awarded a certificate of registration from Grampian Region and Aberdeen City Council. The Nursery is registered with the Care Inspectorate (SCSWIS) and meets all their requirements.  The children, staff and building are fully insured. (Insurance policies can be inspected if required, please see Marion Barker)

There is also a very large, fenced garden which consists of a lawn surrounded by trees and shrubs and a separate area with climbing frame, stepping posts, Rope Bridge etc. In this we have various zones such as the growing zone to help encourage children to enjoy and appreciate the natural world. There is also a large ‘Wendy’ House which can also be used as an outdoor classroom – weather permitting!

The Nursery is divided into three main departments:

  • children aged approx  0 – 2 years
  • children aged approx  2 – 3 years
  • children aged approx  3 – 5 years

Within these departments, the children are grouped as follows. Our littlest babies are called the “Snowdrops”; when they start to  walk they move into the “Bluebells” group; at around the age of two they move through to the  “Buttercups” group; when they are around three years old, again they move to a new department (and a new building), and join the Sunflowers group. We find that these smaller groups enable the children to develop positive group identities. (Please note the ages given are a guide only)