Daily Routines and Plans

Each department operates a daily routine with a programme of activities planned for both morning and afternoon sessions. For the younger children, these allow for a high degree of flexibility while the 3-5 Years department sessions are more structured. Routines and plans for each department are displayed on parent’s notice boards. However, plans are sometimes modified or changed to accommodate nice weather, special events or following the children’s interests.

Meals & Snacks

A snack and a drink (milk or water) will be provided at ~10.00 am and ~4.00 pm. Lunch is at 12:30(Sunflowers) 12noon (Buttercups)/11:30am (Snowdrops and Bluebells) for children attending for a morning session or a full day. The sunflowers all brush their teeth after lunch, under supervision of course! Menus for the coming week are posted on the notice boards in both buildings. There is a section on the enrolment form for information regarding food allergies, special diet etc. Lunches are prepared each day using fresh ingredients to provide a tasty, nutritious, balanced meal. No salt, sugar or beef products are added to the children’s food and we will always try to accommodate any dietary requirements. Please do not give your child food or drink to bring to the nursery – Food Hygiene regulations prevent us from serving any food that has not been prepared on the premises.

Visiting Specialists

We are very lucky to have three talented specialists who visit the children regularly. The children thoroughly enjoy these extra- curricular activities and we are delighted to be able to provide a broad, well rounded learning programme for your children. These lessons are included as part of the nursery session and there is no extra charge for them. The specialists are:

Catherine Welsh – French – 3-5 yrs only – Wednesday afternoons

Catherine, a native French speaker, brings a fun, innovative approach to learning a new language. Catherine links all her activities to the overall curriculum planning and uses games, puppets and songs in her lessons. These activities allow all the children to participate, gradually increasing their vocabulary along with their confidence in speaking a new language. Catherine also prepares information sheets for the parents detailing the topics and vocabulary being studied – this gives the opportunity to practice French at home – the children love to show off their new skills!

Dini Dubber- PyjamaDrama – all age groups – Thursday mornings

PyjamaDrama is a fun session carefully planned to meet the needs of each age group. Using drama, music and rhythm, the children are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore various topics and to express themselves. Dini gives regular updates to parents with ideas to try at home, as well as letting you know what the children have been exploring with PyjamaDrama.

Joanne Evans – Gardening 4 Kids – 3-5’s only – Friday afternoons

Joanne visits monthly overseeing gardening projects that are continued between her visits. Her extensive knowledge of all kinds of plants guides the children and helps them to understand how to plant, care for and grow a variety of vegetables, flowers and trees. The children love getting out and digging with Joanne – these session are always fun.