3 – 5 years (Sunflowers)

We follow curriculum guidelines set out by the Scottish Executive in the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’. Both the morning and afternoon sessions are structured to provide activities covering all the areas of a child’s  development; Expressive arts , Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and English , Numeracy and mathematics, Sciences , Social  studies and Technologies . These activities include sand and water trays, painting and drawing, puzzles, construction sets, playdough, dressing up, role play toys, stories, nursery rhymes and songs. There are also adult-led sessions of indoor and outdoor games, music and movement. These help the children to focus on a particular skill or concept.

In this department the emphasis is on the children and their freedom to choose and lead their play, and thus direct their own learning. The staff are on hand to assist, supervise and extend the child’s learning experiences. The children are consulted on how they wish to learn in several ways. We use floor books to discuss areas of interested with the children, and this is then used to explore topics/subjects that follow and extend the children’s’ interests and experiences.

Art/craft and mark making activities are also offered – as in every department, the emphasis is on the process of creating a picture or a model, rather than the appearance of the end product – what the child learns buy creating something much more important than what they actually make.

The children are introduced to the computer and basic computer skills are shared – the children have access to the computer in small groups at specified computer times. They also have internet access and can use this to gather information and images – this access is closely supervised and rigorous security measures are in place to ensure that internet access is appropriate.

The children gather together in a large group once each session for ‘together time ‘- this gives everybody the opportunity to share news , listen to each other and to join in songs , stories and rhymes .

Independence and self-reliance are encouraged in this department-the children  becoming increasing adept at dressing , buttons and zips  , going to the toilet , brushing their  teeth after lunch , eating with a knife and fork – making snack and serving themselves lunch .

The staff are always on hand to guide and support the child through their learning, and also to encourage independence. The children are encouraged to make their own choices in this department, as well as taking responsibility for themselves and the resources – they can choose their own toys, puzzles and craft materials, are encouraged to use them appropriately, and to tidy up after activities. Team work and co-operation are encouraged through games/activities that involve the entire class or smaller groups.

Physical play continues to be very important and becomes linked to the children’s knowledge of their own health and well being – including personal safety. The pre-school group continue to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather and they participate in both structured and free-play activities.

Independence and self-reliance are encouraged within a secure and caring environment.  We aim to equip your child with the skills and self-confidence that will give them the best possible start when they begin school.