2 – 3 years (Buttercups)

Both the morning and afternoon sessions are structured to promote the children’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development through exploratory, constructive, imaginative and manipulative play.

The main playroom is divided into smaller areas to help the children focus on one activity at a time. The house corner is a regular feature where role play and social interaction are encouraged. The construction area allows for play with a variety of building kits including blocks, large bricks, Duplo etc. and tables are set out for games, puzzles and drawing. These along with adult led activities help the children to develop a variety of skills including colour recognition, number skills, hand and eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, sharing and turn taking and increasing vocabulary. The children will also begin to experiment with mark making with pencils and crayons, and begin cutting simple shapes.

‘Messy’ activities are also offered – playdough, sand and water play as well as art and craft activities which allow them to explore a range of different materials and techniques such as painting, printing, modelling, cutting and sticking. The emphasis here is very much on the creative process and the learning and enjoyment the child gains from this.

Again, music features often in this group – both with adult led sessions and with the children using musical instruments such as bells and drums to create their own music! Moving to music is also encouraged – sticky kids is a big favourite here and free dancing sessions happen often – this helps to keep the children fit and healthy as well as enjoying the music and having fun !

As with the younger children in this building, outdoor play is included in the daily routine, weather permitting, and a variety of trips provide a range of outdoor experiences. This also gives the children opportunities to develop their growing independence – getting ready to go outside , finding your jacket and wellies , listening to safety instructions and co-operating with your friends are all learning opportunities for every child .The children are also encouraged to share with each other and good manners are promoted during all activities.

Toilet training is generally initiated in this department. The staff work closely with parents to discuss when their child is ready and to ensure that the approach at Nursery is consistent with that used at home.