The ethos of Craigton Lodge Nursery is focused on the needs of the individual child. Young children instinctively try to make sense of their world through investigating, exploring, questioning and observing others. The desire to learn is a powerful driving force for all children.

At Craigton Lodge Nursery School, we believe in providing a stimulating, creative and happy environment in which children are encouraged to learn whilst at play- this is known as Active Learning. Play allows children to observe, listen, talk, explore and draw their own conclusions as well as giving them freedom to express their ideas and feelings in many different ways. Through interaction with Nursery staff and other children in a warm atmosphere where each child is made to feel safe, secure and valued, children are able to develop self-esteem and respect for others.

Nursery is often the first experience a child has of being separated from their parents. We recognise the role you have already played in the early life of your child and we believe that an effective partnership between Nursery and home is essential to your child’s development and well being.

Craigton Lodge Nursery School is a member of A.Q.N.S. (Association of Quality Nurseries in Scotland). In 1996 an association of private nurseries commissioned the University of Glasgow to devise a Quality Assurance Scheme for members to undertake. It was agreed that membership should only be available to those independent nurseries which provide quality childcare and education. Here at Craigton Lodge Nursery School, we worked hard at establishing this and achieved quality assurance in September 1997. However, we see this as an ongoing process and therefore constantly strive to maintain our standards and, where possible, improve upon our current provision.

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